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Chasing Waterfalls


Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago

May 3, 2022

In Trinidad and Tobago, there is no shortage of waterfall destinations. Even some of the most sublime water features are a short walk from civilization, while others will call to you through the labyrinth of the forest.

There is no feeling quite like the massage of droplets showering onto your body from a waterfall, or the rush of cool, clear water and smooth river stones under your feet.

The Northern Range of Trinidad has a monopoly on the island’s waterfalls. In the North-East, the popular spots include Turure Water Steps, Aripo Blue Basin as well as the waterfalls of Rampanalgas and Rio Seco. Along the North-West coast, the Avocat Waterfall and Three Pools are favourites for those who may wish to take a beach trip as well. In Tobago, there’s something in store for everyone in at least one of the Argyle Waterfall’s three levels or even the pot (more like pool) of gold at the end of the ten-minute trek to Castara Falls.

For any hikers up for a challenge, the trail to the Paria Waterfall is a must visit. The hours of journeying are well justified by a scenic route, including the crystal waters and white sands of Paria Bay. A hike to Tombasson Waterfall demands climbing, swimming and perhaps a bit of crawling through the Guanapo Gorges - another fitness challenge for the more daring amongst us. Alternatively, the Covigne Gorges in Chaguaramas offers that extra touch of adventure, albeit with a less strenuous journey.

Whether the intention is to fire-up the coal pot and ‘make a cook’, or to traverse the multiple pools along the river’s course, there is an extensive list waiting to be visited. Whenever you seize the opportunity to go chasing waterfalls, it is strongly recommended that you are led by a trusted tour company or an experienced guide. Avoid the water courses during times of heavy rain and don’t leave any debris behind for Papa Bois to clean up!