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Back to the Beach!


Paul Hadden

March 31, 2023

Even though it seems like an eternity ago, our beloved beaches were reopened last year after being closed for over a year. Thankfully, Trinbagonians and visitors to these islands are returning to the beaches in droves, and we are all reminded of what we missed so much. The magnificent beaches of Trinidad and Tobago remain unspoiled and accessible to sunbathers, avid surfers, and beach enthusiasts. Now we can get back to sitting down on top of a cooler on Maracas Bay with friends and family, cold Carib or Stag beer in one hand, and a hot Bake and Shark (with all the condiments and sauces, of course) in the other. We can return to playing small-goal football on the cool sands of Las Cuevas Bay, or return to exploring the many smaller beaches across the islands.

Beaches suitable for families

Las Cuevas Beach. Photo: Ziad Joseph
Las Cuevas Beach. Photo: Ziad Joseph


Chagville Beach
Maracas Beach
Las Cuevas Beach
Mayaro, Macqueripe Bay, Quinam Beach, Vessigny Beach

Pigeon Point. Photo: Richard Lyder
Pigeon Point. Photo: Richard Lyder


Pigeon Point, Nylon Pool
Stonehaven Bay, Pirates Bay
Great Courland Bay
Blue Haven Beach
Parlatuvier Beach
Bloody Bay Beach
Batteaux Bay

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